Many people have never quite understood why The Notebook, which is among the top 20 highest-grossing romantic movies ever, received so much praise. Others even firmly believe that it has been over-hyped. The fact is, there’s something alluring about a good romance film. It draws fans and gives them hope that someday, they will find love, even in a world where most people are afraid of commitment.

There are many things involved in writing and filming a fantastic romance movie. Below are some that people expect to find.

Two Characters in Love

Romance films cannot exist without love. That is why, in every love story, two individuals adore each other. They are ready to move mountains to end up together. More often than not, it is love at first sight. Sometimes, the affection grows gradually. In most cases, the two characters are good-looking. This is meant to ensure that more people watch the film. Other traits that they might possess are courage to fight for their love, and kindness that allows them to be gentle towards each other.


This is another essential element of romance films. Conflicts may arise between the two lovers due to different things that include their backgrounds, social classes, financial status or career choices. It may take some time, but they are always able to find a solution eventually. To do so, they have to make sacrifices and come up with practical ways to accommodate each other.

These are not the only things that a great romance film needs. Fans also hope to find fascination, drama, lessons and heartbreaks in the movie.

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